We assort our offering of more than thirty different cheeses from the best Italian producers. We import goods from a wide variety of Italian regions. From Veneto we receive Asiago DOP (semi-hard cheese made from cow’s milk), from Sardine Fiore del Pastore sheep's milk, aged, Formaggio di Capra Sarda goat’s cheese with more intensive flavour and Moliterno al Tartufo (cheese made from cow’s milk and sheep's milk with truffle). Sicily is represented by sheep's milk with whole black peppers and saffron, and Piemonte by alle foglie di Castagno, cow’s and goat’s cheese aged in chestnut leaves. 

Naturally, fresh Mozzarella, fresh Ricotta and Parmigiano Reggiano aged for 24 months are always available on our counters.

Cold cuts

You can always find artisan hams from Parma and Friuli in our store. We visit small, artisan producers of various zones of gastronomy of Italy, so that we can introduce you to some very special cold cuts. These include, for example, wild boar salami of Tuscany, Sauris ham, cured on a bed of Juniper and slightly smoked, but naturally, we always offer Breasola, Carne Salada of Trento and Mortadella with pistachio brought from Bologna as well. In addition to all these, we also keep such hams in our counters as Finocchiona salami made with fennel, turkey's breast ham baked in one piece and Speck ham of Südtirol.

Bakery goods

From our Baker in Sicily we receive daily shipments of bread prepared in the traditional way, using sourdough, which will keep it fresh and crusty much longer. In addition to our homemade multi-grain toast, the bread with Gorgonzola and walnut and our homemade peasant bread, we offer fresh grissini, focaccia, calzone and ciabatta everyday.


Whether it is dry or fresh, simple or the most special stuffed one, pasta is the queen of the dining table in Italy. You will find air dried pasta made from flour and eggs by small home-based plants on our shelves, but also feel free to try our homemade, fresh special delicacies, which will conjure up a real Italian feeling in your home within a few minutes.

Fresh fish and meat

You can also order fresh fish and meat in Gastronomia Pomo D'Oro! The fish that we sell is delivered twice a week in a refrigerated truck, straight from the sea. In addition to Branzino, Orata and wild salmon, you can also order fresh shrimp and mussels from us.

Our meat selection: veal chop, beef striploin, sirloin and rack of lamb, which you can also order ready to cook (cleaned, deboned or seasoned).

Please place your order the day before the desired delivery day.

Oils and vinegars

Liguria, Puglia and Tuscany are the three regions where owner farmers produce olive oil under quality circumstances. We selected producers who grow their olive trees in a smaller quantity, but always following the traditional methods. We bottle these oils locally. Our balsamic vinegars are imported exclusively from Modena, from the famous Mussini and Mazzetti families. In our selection you will find younger, more natural balsamic vinegars as well as reductions, flavoured, and creamier versions.

Wines and more

Gastronomia Pomo D'Oro offers you a huge variety of wines and liquors selected with impeccable expertise and various gastronomic goods. In addition to our chocolates, organic jams, truffle essences and pates and crackers, we serve lots of other goods to our visitors as well.


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